home.gifGRITIM (Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration) is a multi-departmental group at Universitat Pompeu Fabra made up of researchers from different disciplines who are interested in aspects of innovation in research and management of change processes arising from human mobility and immigration. The group’s main objectives are to promote theoretical and applied research related to political and social agendas.

Basic priorities of GRITIM

Priority 1. Multidisciplinarity: Promotion of research in social sciences from a multidisciplinary perspective (politics, sociology, international relations, literature, law, economics, languages), promoting a methodological pluralism.

Priority 2. Innovation: Special interest in research on innovative aspects of the current academic debate, and to link the research agenda with the political and social agenda in Europe.

Priority 3. Transfer of knowledge: Promotion in professional and research training at the third cycle. Promotion and exchange of knowledge between academia, society and politics. Reception of prestigious researchers, young researchers with international projection and doctoral students with quality references.


Lorenzo GabrielliLorenzo Gabrielli



Ricard Zapata-BarreroRicard Zapata-Barrero