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Country Reports

Somalis in Europe

Type: Research Report 2015/12

Country: Somalia

By Monica Fagioli-Ndlovu

Integration Policy and Activities in Poland

Type: Research Report 2015/07

Country: Poland

By Renata Stefańska

Diaspora and migration policy and institutional frameworks Ghana country report

Type: Research Report 2014/31

Country: Ghana

By Mariama Awumbila, Joseph Kofi Teye

Country Report Integration policies in Spain

Type: Research Report 2014/30

Country: Spain

By Francesco Pasetti

Integration Policies Finland Country Report

Type: Research Report 2014/29

Country: Finland

By Kaisu Koskela

Policy and Institutional Frameworks India Country Report Meenakshi Thapan

Type: Research Report 2014/28

Country: India

By Meenakshi Thapan

Policy and Institutional Frameworks Senegal Country Report

Type: Research Report 2014/16

Country: Senegal

By Sorana Toma

Emigration and diaspora policies in Belarus

Type: Research Report 2014/27

Country: Belarus

By Andrei Yeliseyeu

Country Report Afghanistan

Type: Research Report 2014/26

Country: Afghanistan

By Agnieszka Weinar

Policy and Institutional Frameworks Country Report Serbia

Type: Research Report 2014/25

Country: Serbia

By Vladimir Petronijević

Policy and Institutional Frameworks Country Report Ecuador

Type: Research Report 2014/24

Country: Ecuador

By Consuelo Sánchez Bautista

Policy and Institutional Frameworks Country Report Argentina

Type: Research Report 2014/23

Country: Argentina

By Lila García

Integration Policy Instruments in Estonia

Type: Research Report 2014/21

Country: Estonia

By Mari-Liis Jakobson

An overview of integration policies in Belgium

Type: Research Report 2014/20

Country: Belgium

By Jérémy Mandin

The People’s Republic of China Policy and Institutional Frameworks, National Report

Type: Research Report 2014/19

Country: China

By Guofu Liu, Zejun Du

Integration Policies Portugal Country Report

Type: Research Report 2014/18

Country: Portugal

By Ana Paula Cruz Beja Orrico Horta, Maria Paula Gonçalves de Oliveira

Latvia’s Integration Policies

Type: Research Report 2014/17

Country: Latvia

By Elina Apsite-Berina

Integration Policy Netherlands Country Report

Type: Research Report 2014/15

Country: Netherlands

By Fenya Fischler

Integration Policies Sweden country report

Type: Research Report 2014/14

Country: Sweden

By Ruben Andersson, Agnieszka Weinar

Integration Policies Country Report for Croatia

Type: Research Report 2014/13

Country: Croatia

By Simona Kuti

Bolivia: Diaspora and emigration policies

Type: Research Report 2014/12

Country: Bolivia

By Alfonso Hinojosa Gordonava, Leonardo de la Torre Ávila

Policy and Institutional Frameworks on Emigration and Diasporas in Thailand

Type: Research Report 2014/11

Country: Thailand

By Rananan Boonyopakorn

An overview of Ireland’s integration policies

Type: Research Report 2014/10

Country: Ireland

By Irial Glinn

Policy and institutional framework of Indonesia

Type: Research Report 2014/09

Country: Indonesia

By Stéphanie Barral

Peruvian Migration Policies Policy and institutional frameworks

Type: Research Report 2014/08

Country: Peru

By Patricia Ramos, Ruth Lara

South Korea country report

Type: Research Report 2014/07

Country: South Korea

By Ijin Hong

Integration policy in Denmark

Type: Research Report 2014/06

Country: Denmark

By Per Mouritsen, Christine Hovmark Jensen

The integration of migrants in Italy : an overview of policy instruments and actors

Type: Research Report 2014/05

Country: Italy

By Elena Caneva

A Report on National Integration Policies in Malta

Type: Research Report 2014/04

Country: Malta

By Carla Camilleri

Position Papers

The Conceptual Framework of the INTERACT Project

Type: Research Report 2014/1

By Anne Unterreiner, Agnieszka Weinar

The political participation of immigrants in host countries: An interpretative framework from the perspective of origin countries and societies

Type: Research Report 2013/07

By Ricard Zapata-Barrero, Lorenzo Gabrielli, Elena Sánchez-Montijano, Thibaut Jaulin

The Role of Sending Countries in the Labor Market Assimilation of Immigrants in Host Countries

Type: Research Report 2013/06

By Metin Nebiler, revised and integrated by Alessandra Venturini, Iván Martín

Residential Integration – Towards A Sending Country Perspective

Type: Research Report 2013/04

By Ben Gidley, Maria Luisa Caputo

Religion and Diasporas: Challenges of the Emigration Countries

Type: Research Report 2013/01

By Jocelyne Cesari

Corridor Reports

Turkish and Chinese Immigration to the Netherlands Corridor Report

Type: Research Report 2015/16

By Jérémy Mandin, Sonia Gsir

Corridor Report on Spain The case of Ecuadorian and Moroccan immigrants

Type: Research Report 2015/15

By Lorenzo Gabrielli

Corridor Report on France The case of Turkish and Tunisian immigrants

Type: Research Report 2015/14

By Lorenzo Gabrielli

The Migration and Integration of Moroccan and Ukrainian migrants in Italy — Policies and Measures

Type: Research Report 2015/08

By Anna Di Bartolomeo, Giuseppe Gabrielli, Salvatore Strozza

Corridor report Germany

Type: Research Report 2015/02

By Agnieszka Weinar, Jan Schneider

Corridor Report on Sweden The case of Iranian and Turkish Immigration

Type: Research Report 2015/04

By Francesco Pasetti

Corridor Report on Belgium: The case of Moroccan and Turkish Immigrants

Type: Research Report 2015/03

By Sonia Gsir, Jérémy Mandin, Elsa Mescoli

Thematic Reports

Conceptual Papers

Exploratory cross-national survey of origin and destination migrant organisations

Type: Research Report 2015/09

By Justyna Salamońska, Anne Unterreiner

Maintaining national culture abroad Countries of origin, culture and diaspora

Type: Research Report 2015/10

By Sonia Gsir, Elsa Mescoli

Measuring Integration of Migrants A Multivariate Approach

Type: Research Report 2015/01

By Anna Di Bartolomeo, Sona Kalantaryan, Sara Bonfanti


Migrant integration between homeland and host society. Volume 1, Where does the country of origin fit?

Type: Book 2017/

By Agnieszka Weinar, Anne Unterreiner, Philippe Fargues

Migrant integration between homeland and host society. Volume 2, How countries of origin impact migrant integration outcomes : an analysis

Type: Book 2017/

By Anna di Bartolomeo, Sona Kalantaryan, Salamonska Justyna, Philippe Fargues

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