After carrying out an explanatory survey and testing the questionnaire in 25 languages, the INTERACT team launched the first extensive online survey in the field of migrant integration, covering more than 80 countries worldwide.

This survey aims to collect information about the views and practices of civil society organisations in countries of origin and destination regarding migrant integration. The results of the survey will enrich existing knowledge on linkages between communities and States of origin and between communities and States of destination. They will help the INTERACT team to better understand the potential gaps between the legal and policy frameworks that relate to emigration/diaspora policies on the one hand and integration policies on the other hand.

The results will highlight the nuances of implementation of these policies and their effects in both the countries of destination and of origin. In addition, they will enable the INTERACT team to identify the role of non-governmental actors in creating or dismantling the ties between countries of origin and countries of destination and integrating migrants in the countries of destination.

If you are active in an association which helps non-EU migrants in any EU member state or which supports migrants willing to come to the EU, we would be pleased to involve you in our survey! Just send an email declaring your interest to